Monday, 6 June 2011

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Preview

Last Wednesday saw the Royal Academy benefactors dinner and there was incredible array of people who gathered to preview the annual Summer Exhibition and celebrate the institution that is the Royal Academy.

In a room so full of achievement, it was truly inspiring and remnant of the magical set of Hogwart's dining hall. One could imagine the days of the French Salon and all the artists, who strove to be a part of it like here, at its British counter part.

London feels at its prime, although the hay fever ignited by nearby Green park was also at a high.

Antony Gormley humbly described an upcoming project (which he had just submitted that day for approval)- a massive 'magic' carpet he plans to elevate some eight-metres high which visitors can mantle and moves according to mechanical receptors. Huge safety issues to overcome no doubt, but an exciting vision. Apparently, should it go ahead we can expect to see it in May of next year. 

Paula Rego

Anselm Kiefer
Gagosian Gallery did an incredible Kiefer exhibition in New York last December, which coincided with Miami Basel. Their website provides a good video which captures the various installations.

Michael Craig-Martin

Antony Gormley (very Cycladic)

Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley
 The Kapoor, usually so immersive and with such depth, was disappointing.

Tracey Emin (very friendly)

One cannot profess that this Summer Exhibition is fresh, but it definitely had an air of historicism and importance. A few favourite, strong, friends but not a groundbreaker. No doubt, it is a great cultural activity for the many visitors expected this summer (particularly those coming from abroad).

Nearby at the Mandarin Oriental, Dinner by Heston Blumental, is certainly recommendable- be sure to try the Meatfruit and the Tipsy Cake. Definitely an experience and well worth while, though note whilst ordering that that extra-side and glass of wine that it does contribute to the final bill. They also serve lunch.

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